Cryptotag Zeus


Your 24-word recovery phrase is the only backup to the crypto stored on your Ledger wallet. So it deserves the best protection possible. With CRYPTOTAG, it’s stored on 6mm-thick titanium that’s waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-proof, hackerproof, and bulletproof. Combined with your Ledger device, your crypto has never been safer.



How to use your Cryptotag

Get started in minutes

Step 1

Write down your 24 recovery words on the Conversion Sheet included

Cryptotag step 1
Step 2

Find the correlating numbers in the BIP39 word list and write them on the Conversion Sheet

Cryptotag step 2
Step 3

Punch the numbers in your recovery phrase onto the CRYPTOTAG plates

cryptotag step 3
Step 4

Connect the plates, store your CRYPTOTAG in a safe place, and burn the Conversion Sheet

cryptotag step 4

Our products are unique

High-quality materials

CRYPTOTAG Zeus backups are made of titanium, a premium material used by the aerospace, racing car, and space industries.

Simple setup

It only takes five minutes to protect your recovery phrase with CRYPTOTAG.

Resistant to everything

Temperatures up to 1665°C. Bullets. Pneumatic hammers. Metal rollers. Extreme cold. High pressures. With the highest score on the Jameson Lopp test, CRYPTOTAG resists everything.

Lasts a lifetime

All components are selected to work together in harmony. Quality checks are done by hand. And CRYPTOTAG comes with a lifetime warranty.