Trezor Keep Metal Shamir Backup


Protect your recovery seed with unparalleled peace of mind, expertly made from premium stainless steel.



Trezor Keep Metal—Shamir Backup

Elevate your crypto security to an unprecedented level with the Trezor Keep Metal—Shamir Backup, the ultimate safeguard for your digital wealth. Crafted from sleek stainless steel, this cutting-edge wallet backup is designed to survive against fire, water, and physical damage, making your wallet backup virtually indestructible.

Say goodbye to the headaches of delicate paper recovery seed cards, prone to being lost or damaged. With the Trezor Keep Metal—Shamir Backup, securing your crypto assets has never been easier. The four-letter entry system minimizes the risk of misinterpreting your recovery seed. The first four letters of each word is all you need to recover your wallet.

The Trezor Keep Metal—Shamir Backup uses an advanced sharing system, which allows you to split your recovery seed into three separate, secure wordlists (recovery shares). You can then specify the minimum number of wordlists required to regain access to your wallet. For instance, if you set a minimum of 2 out of 3 wordlists, you’ll only need to gather two 20-word recovery shares to regain access to your wallet. Share these wordlists with trusted individuals and collect them as needed to recover your wallet.

Want more protection? Get additional Shamir Backup devices and expand the number of wordlists in your wallet backup to up to 16.

So whether you’re saving for retirement, securing your family’s future, or preparing for unforeseen circumstances, do it all in style with the Trezor Keep Metal—Shamir Backup. Trust in its advanced security features and embrace the future of cryptocurrency protection.

What’s in the box?

3x 20-word Trezor Keep Metal—Shamir Backup devicesSecure, split, and share your recovery seed
Pre-marking penEliminate mistakes by marking letters
Punching toolMake your recovery seed permanent
Security sealsSecure the integrity of your device
GuideStep-by-step instructions

Product details

Products size & weight100×35 mm / 475 g
3.9×1.4 in / 13.2 oz
Package size & weight318x220x65 mm / 1900 g
12.5×8.7×2.6 in / 67.0 oz
MaterialAISI 304 aerospace grade stainless steel with a durable black surface treatment
Device characteristicsWaterproof, resistant to acid, alkali & chemical corrosion, extreme-temperature resistant, discreet design, self-encrypting
Trezor compatibilityWor